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Common Core Resources

image template for blog grid header Explore my Common Core Resources Pinterest board.  Find links to lesson plans, activities, and ideas for incorporating Common Core state standards in your classroom.


Apps for Earth Science

Earth Now

earth now


“NASA’s Earth Now is an application that visualizes recent global climate data from Earth Science satellites, including surface air temperature, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, and water vapor as well as gravity and sea level variations.”

Top 7 Apps for Earth Science Teachers

top 7 apps

Ten Great Climate Apps

10 climate apps

Skeptical Science

skeptical science

“Skeptical Science helps you find out what the peer reviewed science has to say about global warming. The easy navigation by skeptical argument allows you to take a statement and find out for yourself whether it is based on credible science or not.”

Wonders of Geology:  An Aerial View of America’s Mountains 

wonders of geology 2

$12.99 app “As we swipe through each photograph, we hear Collier’s smooth, accessible narration telling us where to look on the mountain, what to look for and what it means. He introduces the processes that build and shape mountains: .Tectonics .Volcanoes .Glaciers .Faults .Erosion”

Space Images 

space images

“NASA/JPL’s Space Images app offers a unique view of the sky via hundreds of images taken by spacecraft studying planets, stars, galaxies, weather on Earth and more. Save to your device as backgrounds or wallpaper and share them with friends on Facebook, Twitter and email as you scan through our extensive photo albums and rate your favorites.


nasa app

Fragile Earth 

fragile earth

$2.99 app “Fragile Earth is a stunning photography app giving a birdseye view of climate change, urbanization and nature’s raw power. It shows what happens to our planet when rivers flood or dry up, mountains erupt, glaciers melt and cities sprawl outward.”

Just Science 

just science

“”Just Science” highlights the easy-to-understand video map of climate change recently released by the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) study.  The app features a color-coded map of the world that displays how the Earth’s land temperature has changed between 1800 and 2009. Monthly data from local recording stations produce a red, green, and blue global visualization of the temperature’s deviation from historical average.”


imoon u

$0.99 app “iMoon is an application that will display the current phase of the moon. It will also allow you to enter any date, and see what the moon phase will be or was. Monthly moon phase calendars can also be displayed. There is also a countdown feature that will tell you how many days are left until the next full moon.”


earth observer

$0.99 app “Explore your planet as never before with the mobility of EarthObserver. Use your fingertips to travel through terrestrial landscapes and across the ocean floor. Visit frozen icecaps, study geological maps, scout mountains to climb and trips on coastal waters and exploit a rich atlas of other earth and environmental imagery. EarthObserver brings to you the latest compilation of detailed ocean floor relief gathered by oceanographic research ships using modern swath mapping technologies, combined with land elevations from satellite stereo imagery.”

Puzzling Plates for iPad on the iTunes App Store

puzzling plates

$1.99 app “Puzzling Plates provides an interactive, engaging experience that inspires you to explore the large, tectonic plates that make up the surface of Earth. The app includes three levels, each with a hands-on activity and a bonus round. In Level 1, you’ll first learn how tectonic plates fit together by moving them into position like a jigsaw puzzle. Get it right on the first move or you lose points! See where earthquakes and volcanoes form on Earth’s surface and explore Earth’s interior in Level 2. In Level 3 you first see how plate boundaries collide and split apart and then you actually move tectonic plates in different directions to find out what type of boundary is shown.”


iPad Resources


Want to create/use a personal Apple ID to download apps/music to your school iPad?

  • Tap “App Store” icon
  • Tap the “Featured” option on the menu at the bottom of the screen
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen
  • Log out of the school Apple ID

BEFORE you continue… if you want to create an account and NOT attach a credit card to the account, skip to the next bold section below…

  • (Scroll back to the bottom and notice that the button now reads “Sign in”)
  • Tap “Create New Apple ID.”
  • Complete the following screens with your information (create a user ID, password, billing address (which you have to enter even if you don’t use a credit card with the account), etc.)

Want to create a personal Apple ID without attaching it to a credit card?  There’s only ONE way to do that.  Here’s how:

  • Find a free app to download (usually, there’s a free one on the highlighted on the “featured” screen.  If you can’t find a free app, click on “Top Charts” on the menu, and you’ll see a list of popular free apps.)
  • Beside the app icon and description, tap the “FREE” button.
  • The button changes to “INSTALL APP”.  Tap the button to install the app.
  • A pop-up screen will prompt you to log in.
  • Tap “Create New Apple ID.”
  • Complete the following screens with your information (create a user ID, password, billing address (which you have to enter even if you don’t use a credit card with the account), etc.)
  • When you get to the screen asking for payment information, choose “None.”
  • You can still purchase items, but you will have to use an iTunes gift card.  Beside the “Sign In” button on the main App Store screen, you will see a “Redeem” button where you can enter the code for an iTunes gift card.

Instructional technology resources for YOU!

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