Strands: Number and Operations, Measurement, Geometry, Data Analysis and Probability, Algebra

COMPETENCY GOAL 1: The learner will recognize, model, and write whole numbers through 30.


1.01 Develop number sense for whole numbers through 30.

  1. Connect model, number word (orally), and number, using a variety of representations.
    Count objects in a set.
  2. Read and write numerals.
  3. Compare and order sets and numbers.
  4. Use ordinals (1st-10th).
  5. Estimate quantities fewer than or equal to 10.
  6. Recognize equivalence in sets and numbers 1-10.

1.02 Share equally (divide) between two people; explain.

1.03 Solve problems and share solutions to problems in small groups.

COMPETENCY GOAL 2: The learner will explore concepts of measurement.


2.01 Compare attributes of two objects using appropriate vocabulary (color, weight, height, width, length, texture).

2.02 Recognize concepts of calendar time using appropriate vocabulary (days of the week, months of the year, seasons).

COMPETENCY GOAL 3: The learner will explore concepts of geometry.


3.01 Identify, build, draw, and name triangles, rectangles, and circles; identify, build, and name spheres and cubes.

3.02 Compare geometric shapes (identify likenesses and differences).

3.03 Model and use directional and positional vocabulary.

3.04 Complete simple spatial visualization tasks and puzzles.

COMPETENCY GOAL 4: The learner will collect, organize and display data.


4.01 Collect and organize data as a group activity.

4.02 Display and describe data with concrete and pictorial graphs as a group activity.

COMPETENCY GOAL 5: The learner will model simple patterns and sort objects.


5.01 Sort and classify objects by one attribute.

5.02 Create and extend patterns with actions, words, and objects.


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Donna Murray – Digital Teaching and Learning Consultant