Resources for Fire Prevention Week – October 6-12

fire truck





  • Firefighter Protective Clothing Tour
    Students can learn about the purposes for various pieces of clothing and equipment worn by firefighters through this interactive website provided by the City of Davis, California.  In addition to a 360 view of each piece of clothing, there are related details, audio narrative, and related video.

  • Fire Truck Tour
    The City of Davis, California also has an interactive fire truck tour website.  View each side of the truck and click to learn about various parts and pieces of equipment.  You can even turn on the extra dispatch audio to make it feel like you are riding along on a call!

  • Crucial Crew – Fire Safety
    This interactive game presents children with fire-related scenarios and engages them in role-playing exercises to help them learn fire safety skills.

  • US Fire Administration for Kids
    Interactive website for teaching Fire Safety to children (Home Fire Safety, Smoke Alarms, Escaping from Fire, Crossword Puzzles, Coloring Pages, Word Searches, Hazard House, Matching Game & Becoming a Jr. Fire Marshall).

  • National Fire Protection Association
    Resources for Teachers, Kids and Families.  Take the Fire Prevention Quiz.  Check out the Fast Facts about Fire and Safety Tips Sheets.


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