High-speed Internet a Must

A study by Leading Education by Advancing Digital (LEAD) Commission states that broadband connectivity is vital to improving education.

Here are some highlights from the study:

  • 96% of teachers and 92% of parents believe that schools’ integration of technology in teaching and learning is important to the education of American students today
  • 54% of teachers and 64% of parents believe that the role of technology in educating students will become much more important during the next 10 years
  • 61% of teachers and 63% of parents responded that the country is somewhat or far behind the curve when it comes to American public schools’ use of technology in education
  • 82% of teachers and 71% of parents believe a greater use of technology would be helpful in connecting learning inside and outside of the classroom
  • 89% of teachers and 76% of parents would choose to spend $200 per student for an Internet-connected device over $200 per student for new science textbooks
  • 82% of teachers believe that they are not receiving the necessary training to use technology to its fullest potential in the classroom
  • 95% of teachers and 90% of parents believe that home access to high-speed Internet gives students a big or moderate advantage when it comes to classroom performance

Read more about the poll here: http://www.leadcommission.org/poll-finds-overwhelming-support-for-greater-use-of-technology-in-k-12-education-among-teachers-and-parents-a-diverse-sampling-of-u-s-teachers-and-parents-strongly-believe-schools-should-increase-ado


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