Today’s Links 01/26/2012

  • “The Big Apple Circus’ jugglers, clowns and high-flying acrobats provide an entertaining and engaging way to introduce basic physics concepts to high school students. Eight videos feature footage from the series and interviews with the performers to illustrate the laws of physics at work. For deeper exploration, each video has a corresponding Study Guide for students and an Activity Guide for teachers, as well as raw video clips of performances which can be used for analysis in the classroom.”

    tags: science physics videos lessons circus high

  • “The founding members of this wiki consist of “old” therapists, with over 200 years of experience working with special populations and technology. We hope that people will use this site to make informed decisions before downloading. Our purpose in creating this wiki is to foster collaboration around how applications can be used in unique ways to support learning in home, school, and therapy settings.”

    tags: sped apps ipad elementary middle high wikis

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

One thought on “Today’s Links 01/26/2012”

  1. I love Circus Physics. I sent this to Lisa Edwards today to see if she could use it. Cool huh? Hope you are well, Donna! 🙂

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