You Are Your Words

Check out You Are Your Words for a fun way to combine writing, art, and images.  Create your artwork by uploading and image of your face. You can make simple edits to move, adjust size, and rotate the picture to center it. Then, choose your text by copying/pasting, typing in original text, or connecting to your Facebook or Twitter account to have the text from recent posts pulled in.  (In the example above, I used my personal Facebook account.) Then, edit your image by adjusting the background color palette, contrast, and font. Once you are done, you can share your artwork via Facebook or Twitter or download the image to your computer.

This might be a neat activity for students to do as a way to create a visualization of words. One activity idea might be to upload an image of a book character or historical figure and have students write about the character or story as the body of text.  Or have students use self-images with a description of themselves.



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