Fun Site: Pinterest

Occasionally, I will be highlighting a fun site that may- or may not- have an educational tie.  🙂  After all, sometimes we just need to enjoy fun for the sake of fun, right?

Today’s fun site is Pinterest.



Pinterest is a virtual pinboard to save images from the web that you find interesting.  Images link back to the original source (website, blogpost, etc.), enabling you to explore further.  You can categorize your pins to keep them organized.  I have created categories like: photography, style, education, and quotes.

Pinterest has a social component, allowing you to follow other pinboards and to allow other Pinterest users to follow you.  You can explore Pinterest (and even “repin” items others have found) by using the search option or simply clicking “Everything.”

Be sure to search for educational-related terms; there are plenty of pins that will lead you to resources for your classroom!  I’ve found some great websites, printables, and more from pinboards that have been created by HPS teachers.

You can check out my Pinterest boards here.   Speaking from experience, Pinterest can be addictive, so make sure to carve out a little time to explore before you start pinning!  🙂

Have a great weekend!



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