Effective Presentations Part 2: The Point

Yesterday, we looked at a few FAIL PowerPoint slides.  Did you notice any key features of those slides that categorized them as ineffective?

Here’s what I saw:
They were very text heavy.
The graphics were distracting and did not purposefully add to the content being shared.

Here’s what I was thinking while I looked at the slides:
I’m reading a handout.
I have absolutely no idea what point the presenter is trying to make.
I will forget this stuff in the time it takes to say, “bored to tears.”

Do you agree?

Today, we are going to focus on the point.  (And I don’t mean bullet point.)

What exactly are we trying to accomplish with a PowerPoint presentation?  Why even bother?

During a presentation, we are COMMUNICATING with our audience.

That is the goal.  COMMUNICATION.

While you are creating your PowerPoint presentation, keep your eye on the ball.  Ask yourself over and over again, Am I creating slides that help me communicate with my audience?

If we want to effectively communicate using presentation tools like PowerPoint, we must create a presentation that is clear, concise, and powerful.

Take a look at the FAIL slides again.

Do they communicate in a clear, concise, and powerful way?  Nope.

I mentioned yesterday that there is a commonly used phrase when discussing the use of PowerPoint presentations.  Death by PowerPoint. I don’t believe presenters set out to bore their audiences.  But the greatest of intentions will continue to be overshadowed by poor presentation design- if we let it.

So, let’s bring our presentations to life!

First things first.  Stay focused on the goal- COMMUNICATION!!

(In part three, we’ll discuss what research says about ways to communicate effectively using visuals.)


Effective Presentations Series:
Introduction and Part 1: Fail.

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