Things to do

The summer is winding down, yet my summer to-do list keeps growing!

Last year, I spent very little time updating my Elementary Interactive Curriculum, so I’m trying to work on updating that this week.  I’ve started meeting with principals to make plans for the year.

Here are some personal goals I have for the upcoming school year:

  • Provide opportunities for teachers to develop a personal and shared vision for 21st century learning
  • Continue helping teachers explore the possibilities of instructional technology
  • Provide more in-depth, hands-on PD for teachers who wish to receive more focused training on a certain topic
  • Provide some district-wide and school-level PD offerings, in addition to PD opportunities for administrators, ADM, and other groups
  • Work together with Instructional Coaches during Vertical Alignment process (creating and using wikis for shared agreements, pacing guides, etc.)
  • Increase communication with principals
  • Continue to update my online resources (blog, social bookmarks, PD wiki, etc.)
  • Support and provide resources for media coordinators
  • Work with elementary teachers to maximize computer lab time (best practices, resources, etc.)
  • Provide PD through various formats (face-to-face, online, individual/team/staff, guided exploration, planning work sessions, etc.)
  • Help to establish / be involved in the school-level technology planning teams

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