July 8th, already?

Wasn’t it May yesterday?  The end of the school year was a blur, much like it was when I was in the classroom.  So many things to do to finish out the year…

My one-year anniversay in HPS was mid-June.   Hard to believe I’ve already been here for a year.  Reflecting on the past twelve months will be an ongoing task this summer as I begin planning for next year.   I have loved my job here, and I am so thankful to be surrounded by wonderful colleagues.

Our first ever Summer Conference took place on June 15-16.  From the comments and evaluations we’ve received, I think it is fair to say that it was an ENORMOUS SUCCESS!!  If you weren’t able to attend, all of the related presentations/handouts/links/resources are posted on the wiki.

This time of year, I begin to miss my summers off.  Transitioning from a 10 month classroom teacher to an 11 month ITS in Burke and then to a 12 month ITS in Hickory hasn’t been difficult, but I’m a bit jealous of my teacher friends this time of year!  That said, it really is nice to have the summer to work on some projects that are often pushed to the back burner during the busy school year.  I have a growing list of things I hope to accomplish this summer.  I hope I can look back and say it was a very productive time!

I can tell by the look of my blog that I haven’t had much time to post, as almost all of my recents posts are simply links I’ve saved in my delicious account.  On of my goals for next year is to provide more “content” on my blog (besides my delicious links), including research, best practices, practical examples of tech integration, and more.

If you’re “tuning in” to my blog this summer (subscribe here to recieve updates by email), you’ll probably see some posts about my reflections on the past year, plans for the coming year, and possibly even a few random personal updates on my kids.   🙂

I hope you enjoy these summer days.


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