Life as a third grader


My son, Jacob, likes to spend a lot of time on the computer.  In fact, many days we walk in the door of the house and the first thing he says is, “I call computer!”

I was thinking back to the things he did on the computer during winter break…

… he tracked Santa on Christmas Eve

… he checked out my personal blog, to see new pictures I posted

… he played some online games with other penguins on Club Penguin

… he built virtual Lego creations (and would constantly check the price as he built, b/c you can actually purchase your creations!)

… he played his Monster Jam game CD

… he listened to his favorite playlist on iTunes

Jacob doesn’t know a life without technology.  Without computers.  Without being connected.  I think we need to remember that our children and our students have a voice about how they want to connect and how they want to learn.

Just some food for thought…  now go design your own Lego creation.

Happy new year.


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