So thankful!

It’s that time of year!  Falling leaves, a cold wind, and thoughts of thankfulness (and of course, yummy turkey).  Allow me to be sappy for just a minute, please…

I have a wonderful family and great friends.  And every day, I get to come to work to support teachers.  I am so thankful for all the blessings in my life!

Now on to the good stuff!

You are the Historian epitomizes what I believe to be an awesome educational site.  Geared more for upper elementary (maybe even middle), I think even K-2 students could navigate this site as a group with teacher guidance.


There are five interactive modules embedded in this site, yet the path through the site can be determined by the visitor, giving the student choice.

An example module includes a copy of a letter- the only eyewitness account of the first Thanksgiving.  Students can choose to listen to the audio version of the letter, complete with an accent!  However, students may struggle to understand the language of the letter.  In that case, the student can “pick up” the magnifying glass and hover over each section of the letter to see a modern-day English version of the text.  In addition, pictures related to each section of the letter will appear as visual representations.


There are embedded resources in the site, including a printable glossary and “visit the expert” which includes audio narrated text from an historian.  There is also a fantastic teacher’s guide for the entire site.

When students complete the five interactives, they can share what they’ve learned by creating a museum exhibit.  There are two options (one includes more artifacts).  Students choose between artifacts and then write an exhibit description about their choices.  They can print their final product.


This site ranks as one of my all-time favorites.  Apparently others agree, because this site gets heavy traffic this time of year.  Because of this, the site now offers a downloadable version so that an internet connection isn’t needed.  (Note: Jeff has graciously added this download to the machines at the elementary schools.  It is located in the student shared folder.  Thank you, Jeff!!)

Another great interactive Thanksgiving site is from Scholastic:


And check out other Thanksgiving resources from my delicious site.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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