I am a visual learner.

I have always felt that I’m a combo learner- multiple learning styles all wrapped up together.  But, if I had to choose a style that suits me best, it would probably be visual.  I’m a visual learner.

Maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to websites that are visualizations.  I’m amazed at the visual content that the web provides.  Many of these sites are also interactive, allowing the user to manipulate the visual, making it all the more meaningful.

Here are a few of my favorite finds:

We Feel Fine: An exploration of human emotion

Real-time search of blog posts that include the phrase “I feel” or “I am feeling,”  View in various visual formats and narrow your search by location, weather, age, and more.


Many Eyes: For Shared Visualization and Discovery

Choose or upload your own data set.  Choose from a variety of visualization options.  View and publish to share.  Similar data visualization sites are Gapminder and the NY Times Visualization Lab.


Million Futures

A site featuring six questions about future life and learning in the UK.  Read the answers of others (on virtual paper airplanes) or add your own answer.



Choose the music mood and dance tempo as well as the genres and decade.  Get an interactive visualization of songs that match your choices.


Here’s a blog post with lots links to lots of visualization tools.

And check out my delicious links for visualizations.  Great stuff for us visual learners!


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