Technology resources created for YOU!

How can it be November already??  Now that the school year is in full swing, I wanted to remind you of my online resource sites that I’ve created to assist you.


My blog/website:

On the main page, you’ll find my blog (journal)- a daily post of my favorite links as well as posts about various topics with timely resources.  For example, a few weeks ago, I posted some info/links to some interactive election websites for all grade levels.

If you don’t want to visit my site often to check for updates, you can subscribe to receive updates to my blog via email.  (If you are familiar with RSS/aggregators, you can also subscribe to my site via your reader.)

For my elementary teachers, I have an Elementary Interactive Curriculum, with links to interactive sites matched to NC SCOS grade level objectives for math, language arts, science, and social studies.


My professional development wiki:

This site is a repository of resources related to various instructional technology topics.

View the list of professional development opportunities at each school and district level with dates/topics.

Click on List of Resources to find a growing list of instructional technology topics.  All of my professional development presentations and related links are posted here for reference.  You can explore these resources at your own pace at any time.

You can even view my “brainstorming list” to see topics I’m planning to add to the resource page over time.


My bookmarked websites:

Delicious is a social bookmarking website that allows me to save all of my favorite links on the web and share them with others.

I assign keywords/tags to each link so that you and I can locate resources quickly.  Currently, you’ll find over 2,000 links on my delicious site and I’m adding more every day.

See the complete list of keywords and categories on the right hand side of the page.  Or use the search box in the top right-hand corner.

If you just want to spend some time exploring, check out links I’ve tagged with elementary / middle / high or interactive.  And I’ve even bookmarked some sites just for fun! J

The social aspect of delicious allows us to share our favorite websites.  I have quite a few other delicious users in my network.  Using the search box, you can search their favorite links for a resource.  Or search the entire delicious network- you’ll be amazed at the good stuff that complete strangers have found on the web!

If you’re looking for lesson plans, an interactive site or even a professional development site, you’ll find lots of resources on my delicious page.

I hope you find my websites to be helpful resources for you and your students.  The links to these three sites can always be found in my email signature.  If you can’t find what you need on my sites, please email me.  My job is to help you!  I will be happy to gather additional resources to suit your needs.  I am conducting a variety of trainings throughout the year, but remember that I’m also available to help you plan technology integrated lessons or provide additional assistance when needed.

On a personal note, I want to thank each of you for welcoming me to HPS.  I feel at home here, because of you!

Have a great weekend,


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