Election time!

Trying to teach your students about the election process?  There are lots of great interactive sites out there related to the topics of politics, elections, and presidents.

I’ve bookmarked a lot of sites on my delicious account.  Check them out.
And I’ve highlighted a few below.

The Common Craft Show does a great job of explaining the election process in plain english!

Scholastic News Online: Election 2008

eLECTIONS Your Adventure in Politics

Description from the site:
is an enjoyable and educational simulation of a presidential election. It is played as a virtual board game, where virtual playing pieces hop along a three dimensional game board filled with national monuments, stacks of game cards, and a 3D spinner for determining player moves.

Players run their own campaigns, from defining their candidate’s slate of issues, to dealing with unpredictable events, deciding where to campaign and how much to spend to, finally, seeing the election outcomes on an animated map. The data within the game simulates popular opinion held by the eLECTIONS‘ voters and can be swayed by campaign activities. It is a virtual polling system that lets players get under the hood and see what the eLECTIONS voters are thinking all around the country.

This is an awesome interactive site for simulating the election process.  Check out the teacher materials, too.

National Constitution Center Ad-O-Matic.

Upload a picture, choose party and agenda items and then watch the video ad for your presidental campaign.

These are just a few of the great sites out there- check out some of the others I’ve bookmarked in delicious.  You’ll find resources for a mock 1960 election simulation, audio clips comparing past and present presidential campaign songs, lessons and resources created by a Google Certified Teacher, and more!


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