Technology Professional Development Opportunities

The dates/topics for Technology PD opportunities are posted on my website for your reference:

There you will find a links to individual school pages with dates/topics for Tech PD at each school as well as list of district-wide Tech PD options.

Please note that these PD dates/topics are subject to change, if necessary.

I hope to be able to provide additional district-wide opportunities, if possible.  Those will be added to my website when scheduled.

As the date approaches for an upcoming training, I will send a reminder email.

Receiving credit

School-level trainings:

I will create one Tech PD SEA system activity for each school and you will register for the activity during our first training session.

Based on sign-in sheets from all school-level trainings throughout the year, I will calculate the total number of contact hours at the end of the school year and I will enter the final amount for each person into the SEA system.  Note: In order to receive CEUs, you must acquire at least 5 contact hours (0.5 CEUs).

District-wide trainings:

Any district-wide training will have its own SEA system activity.  SEA system activity numbers will be emailed ahead of time for registration, as there will be limited seats available.


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