It Matters

Change is hard.  Often times, it is difficult to justify the need for change, much less the path for change.  There will always be voices questioning the intent or the worth or even those who are so comfortable in the here-and-now that breaking out of that paradigm has no incentive.

But, there are changes in education that must happen.  It matters to our students.     

Watch this video.  “Learning to Change.”  


When I watched it, I found myself jotting down phrases I heard… 

It’s about relationship, community, connectivity, access…

Great world for learning…

We have a classroom system where we could have a community system…

Connecting these students to the kinds of opportunities that will fundamentally shift their academic experience….

They need to be able to find information, validate it, synthesize it, leverage it, communicate it, collaborate it, and problem solve with it.  These are the new 21st century literacies.

Kids are rich content developers today.

Death of education, but the dawn of learning.

Now, more than ever, it is time to make the shift happen. So, where do you start?

Well, first- go explore.

There are communities of educators out there who are communicating and collaborating.  Go see what is going on.  Become part of the conversation.  Reflect and look forward.   Here are just a few places to start: 

Remember, it matters to them.      


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