An interactive whiteboard allows you to “drive” your computer from touching the board, rather than from behind your computer.  When I was teaching third grade, I wrote a grant and had a SMART Board in my classroom.  It truly changed the way I taught.  Having the board (and a projector) in my room encouraged student engagement in the lessons.  It provided a chance to reach different learning styles, including my kinesthetic learners, who could interact with an activity by touching the board.

One example I often give when I talk about the impact the interactive whiteboard had on my students is this:  I was teaching some low-level readers (who were often turned off from reading and were difficult to engage in comprehension skill activities).  I would put a reading passage on the screen for the students to read.  Then I would ask a comprehension question.  I would ask a student to answer the question, but in addition to the answer, the student had to come to the board and underline the proof.  I watched as my students who hated to read anxiously waited to be called on to answer the question so they could interact with the board.  And it wasn’t a phase; all year long, students were excited about using the board to interact with lessons.  I, too, enjoyed the interaction the board afforded me.  Instead of standing behind my computer to guide a lesson on the screen, I was able to be at the screen, “driving”.

SMART Boards are not the only interactive whiteboards available.  There are others (for example, ActivBoards, and Interwrite Boards.)  My favorite is the SMART Board, but that may just be because I’m comfortable using it.

Below are some interactive whiteboard resources.  Some are just for SMART Board, others are generic, and others are simply links to interactive sites that you could use even if you don’t have an interactive whiteboard.

(These are also posted on .)

Education section of SMART Technologies website: 

Notebook lessons and SMART Board Resources

Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Interactive Websites

3 thoughts on “SMARTen Up!”

  1. Donna,
    I am the Education Consultant for SMART Technologies and wanted to thank you for sharing information about our many resources to other users. As the Education Consultant I work to support classroom teachers and districts who are utilizing our products to ensure they grasp their full potential. Having individuals,like yourself, striving to assist others makes all the difference! Please let me know if I can ever be of assistance.

    You can contact me via email ( or by phone: 704.458.9056.

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