Telling the Story

Monique St. Louis, a second grade teacher at Valdese Elementary and a winner of the BCPS projector grant for this year, has been documenting her journey of integrating technology on her blog.

Monique has jumped in with both feet, getting rid of her overhead projector and rarely using her dry erase board.  She has embraced the challenge of using technology daily in her classroom so her students will benefit.  I have enjoyed talking with her, visiting her classroom, and reading her blog posts as she shares about this journey- the good and the bad, the trials and the successes, and the lightbulb moments, when it becomes obvious to her that what she is doing IS making a difference. 

Here is her latest post, as she reflects on the first half of the year:

And this is my comment to that post:
Every time I read your blog, I’m reminded of exactly WHY we wanted to offer the projector grant in the first place. You have taken on the challenge of stepping out of your comfort zone, embracing a new way of teaching, and doing so with honesty and enthusiasm. It is our hope that other teachers will learn from your experiences.

Thank you for taking this journey. I remember when I was a classroom teacher and I was starting to step out on a limb to integrate technology in my daily lessons. It was scary, and there were many unknowns. But, as time went on, I began to realize how much it mattered to my students. And I don’t just mean the “technology”- it mattered to them that I was reaching them in different ways. That I was meeting their needs, that I was preparing them to be citizens in today’s world. That I was questioning my beliefs about education, stretching myself, FOR THEM.

That’s what you are doing. And I’m so proud of you!

To hear you say that your students are questioning you, giving you ideas and suggestions- think about what that means! They are LEARNERS! They are problem solving, exploring, discovering, sharing. Amazing!

It gave me chills when I read this post. YOU are making it happen, Monique! Your students don’t know how lucky they are!!

Thank you again for sharing your journey.

Check out the rest of her posts– she’s telling the story of change.
(And congratulations Monique on your deserving honor of VES Teacher of the Year!)


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