LearnNC Fall Conference

Last Thursday and Friday, I had the opportunity to travel to Chapel Hill for the LearnNC coordinator’s fall conference.  If you are unfamiliar with the LearnNC website, please find some time to explore this resource!  Find some helpful tools for learning more about LearnNC on the website guide.

  • Check out some of the great features on LearnNC:
    • Best of the Web over 3,000 educational websites by category (also see the “For Students” section on the right hand side of the home page, by grade level)
    • Lesson Plan collection (and SCOS resources)
    • Online Courses for CEU credit
    • Instructify– LearnNC’s NEW blog (great tips, free technology resources, etc!!)

At the conference, I was reminded yet again at how important the “conversation” is…  We must continue to talk about how to meet the needs of our students and how to get them (and us!) to be digital citizens.  This isn’t an easy conversation, especially when we find ourselves wrapped up in a world where there is never enough time in the day, when the pressure of test scores is always looming overhead, and when it is difficult to define what changes need to be made in education- much less figuring out the best way to make those changes. 

In spite of the challenges, we must continue to forge ahead and make a committment to continually evaluate how we educate our students.  This takes risk-taking, strong leadership who support and encourage risk-taking, and a willingness to change. 

Personally, these conversations have encouraged me and challenged me.  If you have a few minutes, take a look at this, and read this.  Does it inspire you to explore the possibilities?

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